【PSO2】FiHu "A World Engulfed in Shadows" XH Limited Quest Gameplay

  • Uploaded on 14 Feb 2017

    Happy Valentines, everyone!
    Since today is "Partner" day, why not post a video of a duo run for the current Limited Quest in XH, "A World Engulfed in Shadows" also known as "暗影渦巻く壊れた世界" in Japanese.

    Me and my sister decided to tackle on this rather difficult Limited Quest with the class "Fighter/Hunter".
    Personally I believe that this LQ really changes a lot of how the game plays in general because normally we would build say, damage and more damage, however if you don't build any survivability into your kit at all, you might find yourself just in a very bad spot for most of the time because the fact that these enemies specifically attack very fast, they flinch you, knock you and do all the various things that everyone hates. Massive Hunter specifically negates all of these effects (except for stun) so that's one thing super useful! Automate is another that simply just allows you to stay in the middle of combat.

    Either ways though! Support my sister and show her some love ♡

    P.S. Yes, this was a reupload, I had to fix certain mistakes that caused quality drops and frame rate error-- Also this is XH!

    The music I used this time are:
    Song 1: "追憶の欠片"
    Artist: Imy
    Album: Ray of Hope

    Song 2: "Collapsing Floor"
    Artist: Draw the Emotional (ゆよゆっぺ)
    Album: Ghost and your Heart

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