Early MGM Jackie the Lion "roars" from 1928-9

  • Uploaded on 10 Agu 2009

    There are some great clips of Jackie (still the best!) and all the other MGM lions already on YouTube, but I decided to add my personal favorites: 2 early examples when MGM was transitioning to talkies. The first is from Show People, a wonderful Marion Davies film. The roars are somewhat drowned out by the opening fanfare, but it is definitely unique. Show People was a silent film released with a synchronized music score. There is a Jackie clip on YouTube from the silent feature Ben-Hur, but the classic roar is a result of the film being reissued well after sound films had come out. The second roar in this clip comes from the all-talking all-singing hodgepodge Hollywood Revue of 1929. This film was a vehicle to show off the voices of MGM's silent stars, Jackie not excluded! The aural quality of the roar was the result of the era's primitive sound equipment, needless to say. Around 1930 Jackie's more familiar roar debuted, but I have no idea with which film this was. Interspersed with the roars is a brief scene from Laurel & Hardy's short subject, The Chimp, in which Stan calls the lion "MGM"! I know there was already a clip posted to YouTube of Coffee from Roast Beef & Movies but I thought I'd add a duplicate from the Pete Smith short entitled Menu.

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