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    Fry your best Tomato Stew:

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    •Fresh Plum Tomatoes (referred to as Jos Tomatoes in Nigeria, tomate pera in Spanish and pomodoro pera in Italian) -- 1.5kg
    •Tinned tomato paste: 600g (or watery tinned Tomato Puree: 1.2kg)
    •Vegetable Oil: a generous quantity (see notes below)
    •Onions 1 to 2 medium bulbs

    Nigerian Tomato Stew perfect for preparing Nigerian Jollof Rice Recipes. These include:

    Nigerian Jollof Rice:
    Nigerian Coconut Rice:
    Nigerian Rice & Beans:
    Nigerian Mixed Vegetables Jollof Rice:
    Spaghetti Surprise:

    Tomato Stew is just a base stew used to cook the above mentioned recipes. You can add seasoning, chicken or beef to this Nigerian tomato stew to get the Chicken & Beef Stew used in eating White Rice, Boiled Yam, Fried Plantain etc.
    Watch this video for that:

    The tomato is well-fried when the following 3 conditions are met.
    1. The raw taste is gone.
    2. You see streaks of oil in the puree and
    3. When the oil is fully separated from the tomatoes.

    It is important that you add a generous amount of vegetable oil to your Nigerian Tomato Stew so that it will not burn during frying. This will also ensure that the sour taste of the raw tomato is completely removed. This excess oil should be poured out once the frying of the Nigerian stew is complete. Watch me pour out the excess oil in this video:

    -Once you add the vegetable oil, reduce the heat to low. This will depend on your cooker. My cooker's heating ranges from 1 - 9. I boil the raw tomato on heat 9 so that the water will dry quicker and fry the stew on heat 4. So use this as a guide when choosing the heat for frying your tomato stew.

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