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    Cat - Sitting
    When Mrs. Wicket is hospitalized after accidentally breaking her arm, Mr Bean must look after Scrapper while she is away. However this isn't easy since they hate each other. When everything's become a mess, Mr. Bean gets beaten up by Mrs. Wicket upon returning from the hospital and is sent to the hospital for bruises.

    Young Bean
    When Mr Bean steals a slice of Mrs. Wicket's chocolate cake, he is forced to hide inside her attic where he finds items from his childhood. Feeling guilty for ruining Mrs. Wicket's wedding by riding his go-kart resembling his Mini down the road when he was younger, he decides to return the slice of cake he stole but ends up getting caught by her.

    Hot Date
    Mr. Bean and Irma go on a date but they have different notions of what makes a date. After they eat in a restaurant, Bean realizes that he left his wallet at home so he goes to get it but the musician instead uses his own £20 to pay the bill and goes to have a romantic dance with Irma. When Mr. Bean sees Irma and the musician going to the car, he sees the blue Reliant coming out, mistakes it for a car that Irma is in and pursues it. When Irma and the musician are about to kiss they are interrupted when the Reliant Supervan slams into the musician's car. Irma decides to go back to Bean's car and Irma and Bean drive away laughing while the musician beats up the driver of the Reliant Supervan for damaging his car.

    Keyboard Capers
    When Mr Bean's record of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 is broken he decides to buy a new record until he sees a grand piano. He wants to play it but it's been sold to a short man until it becomes out of tune causing the man to cancel the order and Bean buys it. When he plays it it's out of tune because Teddy is stuck to the piano strings but he can't get the hang of it even when he calls the piano instructor (the short man from earlier). The instructor then gets an idea of recording Beethoven's symphony for Bean.

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