WoT: 430U [EX-4], 113 [GO-IN], Tryhard action, WORLD OF TANKS

  • Uploaded on 17 Jun 2018

    WoT: 430U [EX-4], 113 [GO-IN], Tryhard action, WORLD OF TANKS

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    The Object 430U is a Soviet tier 10 medium tank.

    The Object 430U is a version of the Object 430 medium tank with a rear placement of the engine-transmission compartment. This version was to feature a transverse placement of the engine and two planetary transmissions. This technical solution allowed for extending the interior space and decreasing the vehicle's weight. This vehicle was developed from 1953 through 1957 to replace the T-54, but the work was discontinued in favor of the Object 432 in 1961.

    This tank is literally a "Heavy medium" tank with various characteristic from heavy tank and medium tank mixed together. it had fast speed that's not as fast as other mediums, very good protection that's not as good as other regular heavies. and acceptable gun handling. it's best played as spearhead tank that can lead a charge to enemy's front, or as anti-mediums that can fight well against enemy's light/mediums with your protection and mobility.

    The Object 430U marks the end of its Soviet medium line.

    hannez [EX-4]
    Object 430U
    Damage 10915
    Damage blocked by armor 4200
    Enemy vehicles damaged/destroyed 11/10

    The 113 is a Chinese tier 10 heavy tank.

    Development on model 113 was started in 1963. The vehicle was conceived as an alternative to the WZ-111 and used parts and components of medium tanks. However, the project was canceled due to the development of main battle tanks.

    The 113 is an odd continuation from the WZ-111-14. It has a gun caliber downgrade from a 130mm to a 122mm and can be a huge turn off for player looking forward to a hard hitting heavy tank similar to the IS-7. Other hard stats such as only having 120mm of frontal hull armour, a 122mm gun that is fitted on the tier IX WZ-120 medium tank makes this tank seem mediocre, however, the 113 is a beast in its own right. It is one of the few "Heavy-Medium" tanks in the game, combining the best of both worlds, with decent sloped armor protection and a hard hitting gun, while still featuring medium tank like mobility. The 113 can easily keep up with allied medium tank and provide high alpha damage and armour for you less well-armoured medium allies and can act like a medium tank, flanking enemy tanks and engaging in close range brawling. This heavy tank is definitely familiar feel for medium tank drivers and is a blast to play.

    The 113 marks the end of its Chinese heavy line.

    Voja_DaRealMVP [GO-IN]
    Damage 9372
    Damage blocked by armor 3250
    Enemy vehicles damaged/destroyed 12/7

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